Shabiki 6 Games Jackpot Free Predictions for the Weekend of the Week Starting Monday 09/12/2023

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Game 4 1
Game 5 X
Game 6 1

This week, Homekazi pro-tipsers provide accurate Shabiki jackpot predictions. We provide you with well-analyzed and certain Shabiki jackpot predictions; with our Shabiki jackpot tips, you increase your chances of winning incredible cash prizes and jackpot bonuses today.

Shabiki jackpot mbao: 17 games, 20/- stake, and KES 200+M jackpot
Midweek jackpot: 11 games, a stake of 12/-, and a chance to win KES 1 million.
Premier Leagues Jackpot: 6 Games, 8/- Stake, and Win KES 100,000
Quick Cash Jackpot: Play 7 games, stake 5/-, and win KES 60,000.

Shabiki Jackpot Mbao Bonuses: You will receive a bonus if you correctly predict the outcome of 0/17, 14/17, 15/17, or 16/17 Shabiki Jackpot Mbao matches.

The Shabiki Jackpot

The newest bookmaker is offering punters or bettors the opportunity to make millions of dollars by offering them pre-selected football games with expected outcomes.
Today's main jackpots on 1X2 Shabiki are as follows:

  • Kaende Kaende Jackpot
  • Shabiki Midweek Jackpot
  • Quick Cash Jackpot
  • Premier League Jackpot

Shabiki Kaende Kaende Jackpot Prediction

Kaende Kaende Jackpot is a fun game in which you choose the results of 13 football matches. Bettors have a chance to win a cool Ksh. 500,000. You can play Kaende Kaende Jackpot by sending an SMS or visiting shabiki online. Each bet costs Ksh. 50, and you can enter the Kaende jackpot as many times as you want. To win the Kaende Kaende Jackpot, you must correctly predict all 13 games. Even if no one gets all 13, the prize goes to the person who comes the closest. Kaende Kaende Jackpot does not have any bonuses. Kaende Kaende Jackpot cannot be played with bonus money or free bets. For guaranteed winning tips, subscribe to our premium Kaende Kaende Jackpot predictions.

Shabiki Jackpot Mbao Prediction

You can win KES 20M from the Shabiki jackpot mbao by correctly predicting 17 pre-selected football matches. You understand now, don't you? Shabiki jackpot Mbao is a collection of 17 football games developed by Shabiki Kenya. The progressive jackpot has a cash prize of KES 20M. When no one wins the jackpot, the amount grows each week. Shabiki jackpot mbao is available on weekends, with bettors placing bets with a KES 20M stake per bet. You are permitted to make your predictions prior to the scheduled start of the first match; therefore, the jackpot cannot be canceled or changed once it has been placed. 

Homekazi has a team of pro-tipsters who analyze the jackpot for you and offer you sure jackpot predictions for the weekend if you are looking forward to winning the jackpot or making profits use our accurate Shabiki jackpot prediction today and increase your chances of winning the fantastic jackpot cash prize.

Shabiki Midweek Jackpot Prediction

Shabiki introduced a new jackpot package for you in the middle of the week. They now offer a Shabiki midweek jackpot of 11 football games from any league. Shabiki has pre-selected the 11 games. To play the jackpot, you place a bet of KES 12 and can place as many bets as you want. You win KES. 1M (Shinda 1M na 12/-) for correctly predicting the 11 games. Homekazi is here to help you make money by providing you with sure to win only Shabiki midweek jackpot predictions today.

Shabiki Quick Cash Jackpot Prediction

7 pre-selected football games from premier leagues are the basis for the Quick Cash Jackpot. A KES 60,000 cash prize is up for grabs if you correctly predict the results of seven pre-selected football matches in the jackpot. You can use the Shabiki website to place the jackpot or send an SMS with a KES 5/-stake. You may bet as many times as you like. As a result, if there are multiple winners, the jackpot prize is divided equally among them. Depending on the number of winners, a winning customer's final payout may be less than their stake.

You are not able to change or cancel after placing the jackpot because Shabiki Quick Cash does not offer bonuses and accepts bets prior to the first game's scheduled kickoff.
You can profit from the Shabiki quick cash jackpot by using the tips and predictions provided by Homekazi.

Premier Leagues Jackpot Prediction

The premier league jackpot can be won online through Shabiki Via or by sending an SMS. It is based on six pre-selected football matches from the top-tier premier leagues, and the cash prize is KES 100,000. You need to stake KES 8/-to place the jackpot, so Shabiki lets you make an unlimited number of entries for each jackpot bet. Bonuses are absent from the jackpot. You can get reliable Shabiki jackpot forecasts and advice right now from Homekazi.


Shabiki Jackpot Bonuses

Shabiki offers you four main jackpots, three of which have no bonuses and one from which you can profit through bonuses. Shabiki jackpot Mbao is the only jackpot with bonuses. The people who correctly predict the results of the 14/17, 15/17, and 16/17 games will receive Shabiki jackpot mbao bonuses. Jackpot payments will be made at the winner's discretion if they are won. It is not possible to place jackpot bets using the jackpot bonuses or free bet funds.
You cannot change or cancel after placing the jackpot because the Shabiki Quick Cash, Midweek Jackpot, and Premier Leagues Jackpot have no bonuses and are accepted before the first game's scheduled kickoff.