Betika Midweek 13 Games Jackpot Free Predictions for the Weekend of the Week Starting Monday 09/12/2023

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Game S/NO Prediction
Game 1 2
Game 2 1
Game 3 1
Game 4 2
Game 5 1
Game 6 2
Game 7 1
Game 8 1
Game 9 1
Game 10 2
Game 11 2
Game 12 2
Game 13 2
Game 14 2
Game 15 2
Game 16 2

Mozzart Super Jackpot is a Mozzart Bet daily jackpot. Homekazi is the best website for today's Mozzart jackpot prediction, as it is well-analyzed and certain. Today, we are the best Mozzart Super Daily Jackpot prediction website, and many people rely on us on a daily basis to profit from jackpot cash prizes or Mozzartbet Daily Jackpot Bonuses.

Mozzart Jackpot Prediction

Mozzart bet Super Jackpot is a daily jackpot offered by Mozzart Bet Kenya, one of Kenya's leading bookmakers. It is made up of 16 pre-selected soccer matches. Homekazi, the best football prediction and tips website, offers you the chance to increase your chances of winning the Ksh. 20M jackpot cash prize.
To place this jackpot, you must first obtain the VIP Mozzart Bet Daily Jackpot Tips by Homekazi, then place your bet with a stake of Ksh. 20 and wait to cash out. Punters should pay for the Mozzart Super Daily Jackpot before the first game begins. 

Mozzart Bet allows you to bet on multiple combinations, such as a double or triple outcome (double or triple), and each combination costs KES 20 bob. Check out the Mozzart Super Grand Jackpot prediction, which is available this weekend and has a cash prize of KSHS. 200M for 20 games.

Mozzart Bet Super Jackpot Bonus

Mozzart Bet gives players the opportunity to win Mozzart bet daily jackpot bonuses by correctly predicting the outcomes of 13/16, 14/16, and 15/16 games.
The Mozzart Jackpot bonuses are distributed evenly among winners of a predetermined number of games. For example, if there are ten winners of the 13/16 games and the cash prize is KES 300,000, each winner receives KES 30,000.
The prize pool for the Mozzart Super Daily Jackpot is set at KES 20 million.
A winning ticket may contain one or more of the following matches:

  • 15 hits – KES 500,000 each
  • 14 hits – KES 400,000 each
  • 13 hits – KES 3000,000 each
  • 10 hits – KES 1,000 each
  • 9 hits – KES 500 each
  • 8 hits – KES 50 each
  • 0 hits – KES 1,000 (all matches were missed).

How to Get Homekazi Mozzart Super Jackpot Prediction

Every week, the Mozzart Jackpot predictions in the table above are updated. We update the jackpot predictions as soon as Mozzart Kenya releases it. Our Mozzart betting tips are accurate and dependable. We provide both free and VIP Mozzart super Jackpot prediction services. Out of the total 16 football matches, the Free Mozzart super jackpot predictions are 10 or 11. After you pay KES 99, you will receive the VIP package via SMS.

How to Play the Mozzartbet Jackpot (Online)

To play the Mozzartbet Daily Jackpot, go to the home page and click on JACKPOT, which will display the day 13 Jackpot selections. To make your prediction, click on either 1, X, or 2 on each match. You can also do an automatic selection by selecting RANDOMIZE SELECTION from the drop-down menu below the games. When you're happy with your predictions, click PLACE BET.