Betpawa 17 Games Jackpot Free Predictions for the Weekend of the Week Starting Monday 09/12/2023

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Game S/NO Prediction
Game 1 1
Game 2 X
Game 3 X
Game 4 1
Game 5 X
Game 6 X
Game 7 1
Game 8 1
Game 9 2
Game 10 1
Game 11 1
Game 12 X
Game 13 2
Game 14 1
Game 15 X
Game 16 1
Game 17 2

Get the best Betwpawa Jackpot predictions and tips from Homekazi. Homekazi provides punters with well-analyzed Betpawa Predictions and Tips to help you win more bets. The Betpawa Jackpot predictions for this week are already available on the Homekazi website.

The Betpawa Jackpot

Betpawa is now available in several African countries, and the number is growing by the day.
It has three jackpot categories:

Pawapot Jackpot - Pick17: This jackpot is made up of 17 randomly selected soccer matches. Pawapot Jackpot Bonuses are awarded to bettors who correctly predict soccer games on 13/17, 14/17, 15/17, and 16/17.

Pick15 Jackpot at Betpawa. The Pick15 Jackpot is made up of 15 pre-selected soccer matches. Jackpot bonuses begin when you correctly predict 13/15 and 14/15 football matches.
Pick13 is a combination of 13 pre-selected soccer matches from Betpawa. Pick13 jackpot bonuses are awarded for correctly predicting matches on 10/13, 11/13, and 12/13.

Betpawa Tanzania Predictions

Betpawa TZ is now available, and punters can win with Homekazi's Betpawa Tanzania Jackpot predictions.

Pawapot Jackpot offers bettors the chance to win up to TSH 5,500,000,000 with a TSH 1100 stake. Pick15 bettors win TSH 10,000,000 with a TSH 100 stake. Pick13 bettors win TSH 10,000,000 for a TSH 100 stake.

Betpawa Kenya Predictions

Kenyans can now predict the outcome of Betpawa Jackpot matches and win prizes from the Betpawa Pick17, Pick15, and Pick13 Jackpots. Betpawa Kenya is open to punters on a weekly basis. Get Betpawa Jackpot Prediction tips and you could win a lot of money.
Punters who correctly predict the Pawapot Jackpot / Pick17 jackpot with a stake of KES 50 win a total of KES 250,000,000.
Pick15 Jackpot offers punters the chance to win KES 400,000 by correctly predicting the outcomes of 15 soccer matches with a KES 5 stake.
Pick 13 gives you the chance to win KES 1,000,000 by correctly predicting the outcomes of 13 football games.

Betpawa Uganda Predictions

Betpawa UG is now available, and punters can win with Betpawa Uganda. Pawapot Jackpot gives players the chance to win UGX 9,500,000,000 for a UGX 1100 bet. Pick15 bettors win UGX 10,000,000 with a UGX 10 stake. Pick13 bettors win UGX 10,000,000 from a UGX 10 stake.

Betpawa Nigeria Predictions

Betpawa Jackpot Nigeria is now available, and Betpawa Uganda offers a chance to win. Pawapot Jackpot offers players the chance to win 9,000,000,000 with a stake of 200. Pick15 bettors win $1,000,000 with a $10 stake. Pick13 bettors win $1,000,000 from a $10 stake.

Bet Pawa Jackpot Prediction

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