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Jack Mwamba ( Mother-in-law)

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  • Real name: Arabron Nyyneque Osanya
  • Stage name: Jack Mwamba ( Mother-in-law) with a networth of KES 6 million
  • Date of birth: 11th October 1970
  • Jack Mwamba ( Mother-in-law) Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Jack Mwamba ( Mother-in-law)'s Age: 54 years old as of Feb 2024
  • Social Media: Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Tiktok
  • Website: https://homekazi.co.ke/celebs/bio/jackmwambamotherinlaw
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: Kenya and Tribe/Birth place is Kamba Tribe
  • Education: Graduate and Career/Profession is Film - Actor/Actress
Jack Mwamba ( Mother-in-law)'s Biography in Summary

Arabron Nyyneque Osanya is a well-known Kenyan actor who has always been interested in acting. Today, he has appeared in some of Kenya's most popular shows, but most people will remember him as Jack Mwamba of Mother-in-law.

Arabron was born in New York to a Kenyan father and a black mother. They met at Indiana University, where his father was studying.

He was a twin, with his elder sister arriving minutes before him. His two younger brothers are twins as well.

His father worked in the Foreign Affairs Ministry before moving on to various organizations such as the United Nations and the African Union. His siblings are all American citizens. 

Actor Jack Mwamba's Career 

Arabron has been in the acting business for nearly four decades. He began honing his acting skills at the theater.

He has appeared in a number of television shows, including minor roles in Wingu la Moto and Selina.

The most notable role, however, was his portrayal of Jack Mwamba on Mother-in-Law. He believes the program's success was due to the cast's energy and the story's relatability.

Most people have had to deal with a controlling mother-in-law at some point in their lives. It also helped that the show aired every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. 

Another well-known character he has played is Abasi on Kona, a strict and mean character. 

In fact, he once scared an actor off set when he got into character.

The actor had to be persuaded to return to perform the scene, and the two had to talk later to establish rapport. 

The Wizard was then voiced by him in TerrorStorm, an animated Kenyan film. The veteran actor went on to play Pastor Musa in the drama Faithless.

He portrayed a married pastor with a wandering eye. After the fourth episode, he is killed. Following that, she landed a role in the telenovela Second Family, which is about secrets, greed, and money. 

The actor also appeared in Kenya's thriller 40 Sticks. 

This is a film about the struggles of prisoners who are stranded in a forest full of wild animals and a mysterious killer after their prison bus crashes. 

Voice Over

In addition to acting, the former Mother-in-Law actor has made a name for himself in the voice over industry.

For more than two decades, he has provided the voice for a variety of commercials, including Toss, Tusker, and Dettol. He is the man behind the well-known voice "Dettol." Make absolutely certain. 

Nyyneque is said to have charged up to Ksh300,000 for a 30-second voice over. 


In an interview with Cheptoek Boyo, he stated that he would not take certain roles as an actor.

Because of his wife, one of them is a bedroom scene, and the other two are gay roles. The latter is not because he is homophobic, but rather because he does not understand it.

He enjoys playing roles in which he can internalize the character's feelings and emotions.

This is why he reads his scripts several times, not only to understand what is said but also to interpret what is not said. 

Family of Jack Mwamba

Arabron has tried to keep his family out of the spotlight. He did, however, admit to having a troubled marriage for many years.

The marriage did not become peaceful until he decided to remain silent and count to ten before speaking in case something wasn't quite right. The father of seven believes it is a man's responsibility to keep his home peaceful.


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