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Ann Njeri Njoroge

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  • Real name: Ann Njeri Njoroge
  • Stage name: Ann Njeri Njoroge with a networth of KES 20 billion
  • Date of birth: 12th June 1978
  • Ann Njeri Njoroge Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Ann Njeri Njoroge's Age: 45 years old as of Dec 2023
  • Social Media: Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Tiktok
  • Website:
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: Kenyan and Tribe/Birth place is Kikuyu Tribe
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Kenyatta U and Career/Profession is Business Person
Ann Njeri Njoroge's Biography in Summary

Ann Njeri Njoroge is a Kenyan businesswoman who made headlines in 2023 after bringing 100,000 metric tons of diesel into the country for Sh17 billion ($153 million). Ann's Import and Export Enterprises Ltd, an international company with offices in Kenya and Dubai, is owned by her. She is also active in other industries such as real estate, agriculture, and mining.

Njeri's life, however, took a dramatic turn when she went missing for two days after being summoned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) over the ownership of the oil consignment. She later reappeared, claiming that she had been kidnapped and tortured by unknown people who wanted to steal her cargo. She also accused government officials and oil traders of being involved in the plot.


Who is Ann Njeri Njoroge?

Ann Njeri owns Ann's Import and Export Enterprises Ltd, a company that deals with a variety of products in Kenya and abroad.According to her lawyer Cliff Ombeta, she is also a billionaire with a good credit record with her financiers.

She is married to former banker John Njoroge, and they have three children.Her family lives in an opulent mansion in Karen, a Nairobi suburb.

Early Life and Education

Njeri was born in the Kenyan county of Nyeri in 1978. She is the third child in a family of six. Her father was a farmer, and her mother taught. She went to Nyeri Primary School and Nyeri High School, where she excelled academically and athletically. She was the school's basketball captain and also took part in drama and music festivals.

Later, she enrolled at Kenyatta University to pursue a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science. She graduated in 2000 and went to work for the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) as an environmental officer. She was there for two years before leaving to start her own company.

Career and Business Ventures

Ann Njeri Njoroge got her start in business by importing and exporting agricultural products like coffee, tea, and flowers. She also dabbled in real estate, purchasing several properties in Nairobi and Mombasa. She expanded her business network by establishing an office and a warehouse in Dubai. She also collaborated with an Israeli national, who assisted her in obtaining financing and contacts for her oil business.

Njeri first entered the oil industry in 2020, when she imported 50,000 metric tonnes of diesel from Turkey. She profitably sold the oil to various local and regional buyers. 

In 2021 and 2022, she repeated the process, importing and selling more oil from Turkey and other countries. Despite not having a license from the Ministry of Energy, she became one of the country's largest oil importers.

Njeri imported 100,000 metric tonnes of diesel from Turkey via Saudi Arabia in 2023, her largest consignment. She claimed to have purchased the oil from Aramco Trading Fujairah, a subsidiary of the world's largest oil company, Saudi Aramco. She claimed to have paid $1,530 per tonne, for a total of $153 million. She also claimed to have a bill of lading and other documents proving ownership of the cargo.

Her importation, however, sparked a controversy when two other companies, Galana Energies Ltd and Ramco, claimed ownership of the oil. They claimed to have purchased the oil from Aramco Trading Fujairah and that Njeri lacked the authority to import or sell the oil in Kenya. They also claimed that Njeri falsified the bill of lading and other documents in order to deceive the authorities and the general public.

The MT Haigui, which was carrying the oil, was detained at the Port of Mombasa as a result of the dispute. Njeri filed a case in the Mombasa High Court, requesting that the oil be halted until the matter was resolved. She also requested that the other companies deposit Sh17 billion as security in an interest-bearing account. The court granted her request and issued an injunction prohibiting the vessel from leaving port and preventing the oil from being offloaded.

Ann Njeri Njoroge Wiki/Bio


Name Ann Njeri Njoroge
Occupation Businesswoman
Industry Oil, Real Estate, Agriculture, Mining
Company Ann’s Import and Export Enterprises Ltd
Net Worth Sh20 billion ($180 million)
Age 45 years old
Date of Birth June 12, 1978
Place of Birth Nyeri County, Kenya
Education Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Kenyatta University
Husband John Njoroge
Children Three (two sons and a daughter)
Residence Runda, Nairobi, Kenya
Nationality Kenyan
Instagram annnjeri


Disappearance and Resurfacing 


The DCI summoned Njeri on November 9, 2023, to record a statement regarding the ownership of the oil consignment. Her lawyer, David Chumo, accompanied her to the DCI headquarters in Nairobi. However, after recording her statement, she vanished and her family and lawyer were unable to locate her. Her phone was turned off, and the DCI denied that she was in their custody.

Njeri reappeared two days later, on November 11, and told the media about her ordeal. She claimed that after leaving the DCI headquarters, she was abducted by four men claiming to be DCI officers. They blindfolded her, handcuffed her, and drove her to an unknown location, she claimed. 

They tortured her for two days, she claimed, demanding that she hand over the oil. They also threatened to kill her and her family if she did not cooperate, she claimed.

Njeri claimed she escaped her captors on the night of November 10, when they left her alone in a room. She claimed she untied herself, broke the window, and fled. She stated that she took a matatu (minibus) to a nearby police station and reported the incident. She claimed she was taken to a hospital and treated for injuries and trauma. She claimed that the torture had left her with bruises, cuts, and burns on her body.

Njeri accused some government officials and oil marketers of abducting and torturing her. They wanted to steal her oil and silence her, she claimed. She stated that she had proof of ownership of the oil and that she was prepared to face them in court. She also expressed concern for her own safety and the safety of her family. She pleaded with the government and the public to protect her and assist her in obtaining justice.


What is the Sh17 Billion Oil Saga?



The Sh17 billion oil saga has rocked both the Kenyan oil industry and the government. It involves a shipment of 100,000 metric tons of diesel imported from Saudi Arabia by Galana Energies Limited and arriving in Mombasa on October 11, 2023.However, Ramco claimed that it had imported the same consignment and produced a bill of lading proving that it had paid for the cargo.

The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) and Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) were unable to confirm the authenticity of the documents presented by the two companies and decided to detain the ship until the issue was resolved.The Ministry of Energy and Petroleum also stepped in and appointed an independent auditor to look into the matter.

Ann Njeri Njoroge, meanwhile, accused Ramco of attempting to steal her cargo and demanded that the authorities release her shipment. She also claimed that her life was in danger and that she had received threats from powerful individuals who stood to profit from the transaction. She claimed she had followed all legal procedures and had received government approval to import the diesel. 

Ann Njeri Njoroge's lawyer, Cliff Ombeta, announced on November 15, 2023, that she had gone missing after being summoned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on November 13, 2023. 

He stated that he had not heard from her since that time and was concerned for her safety. He also claimed that there was a plot to frame her in a fraud case and deny her justice.

The DCI, on the other hand, denied any knowledge of her whereabouts or the summoning. The DCI also stated that it was conducting an extensive investigation into the matter and that the truth would be revealed soon.



What is the Status of the Case

The case is still pending in court and the ship is still docked at the port of Mombasa. The High Court has issued several orders and directions to expedite the resolution of the dispute. The court has also ordered the KPA, the KRA, and the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum to submit reports on the verification of the documents and the audit of the cargo. The court has also ordered the DCI to provide updates on the investigation and the whereabouts of Ann Njeri Njoroge.

The case has attracted public attention and raised questions about the transparency and accountability of the oil sector and the government. It has also exposed the loopholes and challenges in the regulation and management of the importation and distribution of petroleum products in the country.

Net Worth and Lifestyle

Njeri is estimated to have a net worth of over Sh20 billion ($180 million), making her one of the richest women in Kenya. She owns several properties in Kenya and Dubai, including a mansion in Runda, a penthouse in Westlands, and a beach house in Mombasa. She also owns a fleet of luxury cars, such as a Range Rover, a Mercedes Benz, and a Porsche. She is known to live a lavish lifestyle, traveling to exotic destinations and attending high-profile events.


Njeri is also a philanthropist, who supports various causes and charities. She has donated money and supplies to schools, hospitals, and orphanages. She has also sponsored scholarships and mentorship programs for young girls and women. She is passionate about environmental conservation and climate change mitigation. She has planted trees and supported renewable energy projects in Kenya and other countries.



Njeri  was born on June 12, 1978. She is married to John Njoroge, a businessman and a politician. They have three children, two sons and a daughter. They are aged 22, 19, and 16 respectively. Njeri is a devoted Christian and a member of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa. She is also a loving and caring mother, who values her family above everything else. 








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