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You can't believe what Eric Omondi did to drama queen Shakila


Everyday its drama after dram in Eric Omondi's camp. Well, Eric Omondi has been hosting a total of nine ladies since the beginning of December. The ladies have been on a race and the winner to eventually become Eric Omondi's wife. If you don't know them, here they are;

Eric Omondi's 9 wife material contestants

1. Shakila

Made her name by claiming she has slept by most celebrities in Kenya. Later apologised to some who threatened to sure her including Sauti Sol and Kaligraph Jones

shakila eric omondi wife material

2. Mwikali

Later dropped after receiving 100k from controversial singer Ringtone Apoko.

mwikali eric omondi wife material

3. Caro

The eventual winner.

caro eric omondi wife material

4. Sharon

Came from Malindi, really entertained us with her sexual prowess.

sharon eric omondi wife material

5. Becky 

A friend or sister to Caro. They both entertained.

becky eric omondi wife material

6. Sheila

Was famous with her sex style

7. Kerubo

Fan favorite Kerubo.

kerubo eric omondi wife material

8. Maria

The beautiful one but shy from camera.

maria eric omondi wife material

9. Grace

The silent one.

Grace eric omondi wife material

Who won Eric Omondi wife material challenge?

As promised by Eric, followers and fans were to vote for one lady amongs the 9 contestants who was to eventually become a wife. If you followed the episodes keenly, there was only one winner and that was Caro. During the process she was the most kissed ladies, at least as per what we saw, and her episodes experienced much more romance and affection.

Shakila Drama

From those who know Shakila, she is a lady who has found her way through drama and clever tricks. Few months ago she was a nobody in the limelight but since she claimed she has slept with  most Kenya celebrties, she has been an internet sensation. Just when the wife material contests began, she fought with one of the contestants but before that her entry was more than a spectacle. She first recorded herself at her village that equally went viral because of the video quality.

Now aside from that, knowing she's not winning the race to become Eric's wife, she has gone ahead to make a video claiming she is pregnant for Eric. Who knows it could be true but most probably its just a script diversion to entertain much more.

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