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You are not man enough if you do not spend money on her



Leave love alone, we are talking about a relationship. Not all relationships begin with love or end with love as much as love is a factor but in this article, it is about money and relationships. Yes I had to mention money because in this money revolves around everything and a relationship being part of a ‘thing’ then definitely money has to be part of the relationship.

Take her to that nice restaurant for dinner, buy her that purse, and pay her rent

Treating a woman right means that you are taking care of her needs. If you have been dating her and have never taken her out on a decent date, what are you doing with her? It is like you are incompetent as a man or you don’t value her. You feel like she is not worth wearing that beautiful dress you saw across the street.

How much do I spend on her?

One thing that men don’t understand is that it does not matter how much money you are spending but the intentions are what matters. You may buy a gift worth ksh.50 and please her and another one worth ksh.5000 and not please her. Then the men will say that women are complicated but what you need to understand is if your intentions are in the right place. But there is no way that you are earning 100,000 per month and keep taking her to a kibandanski. I am not against people going to open the food market for dates but it is different when that man from mjengo takes you on such a date and when a man works in corporate takes you on the same. The mjengo man will have tried his very best, but the corporate guy will just be diminishing you.

Ladies are not gold diggers but if you don’t spend money on her then she has a right to leave you. From above we have established that the dates or gifts don’t have to be expensive. So if he is not spending on you there is definitely someone else he is spending on

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