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Willy Paul proud of his new artist @klons_melody.


Willy Paul has recently signed the talented Klons Melody and in his first project he has collaborated with Willy Paul in a song ‘Odi Love’ which has been received well by fans. The song is at #3Trending on YouTube Kenya. In addition to that the song has a dance challenge which many have participated in @aggie the dance queen being among them.

Willy says that it is the best song of May and that the newly signed artist is making people worried. He urges Kenyans to learn to support their own. He goes ahead and brags about his record, that there isn’t a single day we will hear that he is taking his artists to court because of stupidity. Who could Willy Paul be referring to? Record owners in  have had numerous scandals with their artists which in turn led them to loosing artists, court hearings and record closer. According to him, Willy is scandal righteous.

The Saldido boss has one message for the Kenyans, “Tushikane na tusonge mbele pamoja”

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