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Willy Paul calm down,you cant be angry at everybody.


    Willy Paul seems to be loosing it,after claiming that Diamond Platnumz stole his song he went and released another song with the same title.According to the Saldido C.E.O,Simba copied his song pepata which he featured Nadia Mukami.Normally,when an artist steals your song,you file for a copy right suite but for Willy Paul it was different.He decided to release a song with the same title 'Kamata'.The irony in that is intruiguing.Now who stole from who?

     Simba has so far not made any statement on the same but Willy Paul is just angry he posted a message in caps expressing his anger in all caps,"its about time someone put an end to all the stealing that these people have been doing!!Yaani mimi siogopi waniroge tu.Naskia mkikosana wanakuroga.mimi ni mtoto wa Salome na kama ni kuroga niko na baba ya warogi.Wasini jaribu coz nitafanya haga zao ziende kwa mdomo".Although he did mention it,this message is clearly intended for Diamond who remains silent

From Tanzania to Kenya

Willy Paul is angry with Size 8 who has apparently blocked him on Ig for 4yrs and does not take his calls.He wonders what kind of a gospel artist she is and she should lead by example that he thought they were family.The message was on a video of him smoking cigar and on his back a potrait of Diamond.Is the potrait coincedantal or intentional?

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