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Why the current relationships are not working


The first time meeting won’t be considered because people meet in different circumstances. It may be on your bus to work, in a park, in a supermarket or even online which is okay because we are social creatures. Then you start chatting with each other, calls and eventually start meeting and you become an item then start dating but things do not work afterwards.

Why don’t they work?

Let’s begin with the calls and chats. When you guys are still getting to know each other, all you will want to do is talk to each other all the time. If not through what sap it will be through Instagram or if not it will be on the text messages or even all simultaneously. The calls will be long and will be consistent in the first few days or weeks but after that, they stop and become rear. The only way you will call each other will be only when it’s necessary and then when you recall how you used to spend all day on phone with each other breaks you and you slowly grow apart. Which is bound to happen because you are doing something unnatural. New couples often do that in relationships. If you have recently met someone then try taking things slow even if your heart says otherwise.

The dating options

Another thing that makes these relationships to fail is the dates and meetups. What people do is overdo the dating setups. Taking a girl out on a fancy date is not a crime. It becomes a crime when three months into the relationship with you and you have not taken in a fancy date. And when the girl starts to complain, you call her a gold digger when you are the one who is to blame. Men create an idea in women’s heads which women fall for. This happens when you set up expensive dates for them, take them to fancy places when you first get to know each other. They will get used to that and will fall in love with you because of that and when you do not maintain that then things will fall apart.

Even if you like someone and would like to please them try setting things in the norm. Do not overdo things. Keep the conversations at the minimal level and with time if it happens then you can advance to more conversations. Keep the dates simple, or if you prefer expensive do them as long you will continue with them after the relationship advances.

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