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Why people lie that they are single when they are not


     Why do people say are single? Is being single an attitude, or a feeling or a condition? Being most of the times means that you are not in a romantic relationship with anyone. But to some people it may mean something else. Here are some reasons why people say they are single:

Commitment issues

When you are in a relationship but you are afraid of having a settled life, instead you prefer hooking up and staying single.

You are unsure of your current relationship

You are unconfident with the person you are dating and you are keeping your options open. As the common saying goes “Your current boyfriend should not stop you from meeting your future husband”

Hook ups

Of course if you declare yourself taken, you can’t get hook ups. Like in a scenario of a club and you are having fun with strangers and maybe you want to get laid. The ‘single’ ones are the ones who will get attention unlike the taken ones.

It is a cheaters pick up line

In this era everyone cheats. It all starts somewhere, I am sure it doesn’t start with “Hi I am Joseph, I am married but I want to have an affair with you”

        You truly can’t tell if someone is single unless you take time to get to know them. If he has said he is single then call him midnight and see if he picks up the call. How he will take will depend on whether he is alone or he has company. Go to their house unannounced. If you have a heavy heart and have the guts then go for it. On entering the house do some deducing, look around to get clothes or accessories that do not belong to them. There are some people who get away with lies, and just because it has taken you a long time it doesn’t meant that you won’t be caught. It is best not to toy with a person’s feelings, if you are not single just tell them. You might actually be surprised with their reaction.

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