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Why do men cheat vs. why do women cheat in relationships


Cheating in relationships is a common iceberg in relationships but why do people cheat? Do women and men have the same reasons for cheating or are they different? This article is going to compare the reasons why women and men cheat on a neutral ground.

Sex incompatibility

Sex is one of the most important things in the relationship and when things are not fine in the bedroom, one of the partners will seek them elsewhere. Some of the sex issues are;

No sex at all

Wanting more adventure


Cheating because of sex is about 55% in men and 45% in women. The 5% is because some women choose to tolerate the sex they are getting even if not satisfactory.

Emotion connection

Sharing with each other’s feelings makes the relationship work. Once you start hiding your feelings from each other then the emotional connection is lost. Women are more emotional than men so this issue is found in women more. With a lost emotional connection, women without knowing, they start an emotional affair that is just as bad as a sexual one. An emotional affair is when you share with a person, other than your partner matters regarding your relationship. Talking to your therapist or mother is not an affair. But talking to that person who you wish could be your partner is an emotional affair.

Financial aid

Having a relationship with someone so that they can support you financially is often seen in women although it is not surprising to find men having such relationships.

Still in love with exes

Having unfinished business with your ex easily leads you into cheating in the relationship. The percentage of men and women cheating with their exes is 50/50. Exes make you compare your current relationship with the one you had with them and being so familiar you easily swoop in and start the affair

Peer pressure

Men especially in the mid-thirties want to have fun before they reach their forties. Their natural choice will be to have it with their wives but they (wives) are busy with parenting and so they find ladies, in their early twenties to give them that fun. When these men go to their office and start bragging about their wonderful weekend, then their friends opt-in too.


Having a long-distance relationship is difficult. There are times when you need your partner, but they are not there, so you find an alternative. It may happen both in men and women but they go for casual relationships because they are actually in love with their partners but it’s the distance that it’s keeping them separated.

There are other reasons for cheating, such as commitment issues, seeking revenge, etc., but they vary from person to person. The next article will be about what to do when you find out that your partner is cheating.

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