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What is your dying wish?


  Do you think of dying or your thoughts are only of those you can I am new in one of this coastal towns and then a neighbor dies and I am tagged in the burial ceremony. I kindly reject the offer but my friend is too persuasive and accept the offer. I try to dilly dally in an attempt to make them stop but I fail. We arrive at the ceremony at around 3.30 and try to get parking spot. As we are surrounding the compound we see people have left their seats and have gathered in one place which we assume is the grave. We park and head to their direction and yes we were right that was the grave. My friend insist that we get closer ‘It is bad that we have arrived late we have at least burry the body’ I agree. We find that the coffin is being put in the grave. After a lot of efforts, it is now inside the grave .Naturally I expected they would get out of the grave and start covering the grave but this wasn’t the case here. Instead, the rest of the people (of course they were men) entered the grave and sat on the coffin. The remaining few sat near the grave. Few words were spoken (which I did not understand) weed was lit and the chain started smoking. This continues for around 5 minutes then they get out and the grave and started covering it. I had assumed it was the tradition of these people but was told that it was the dead man’s wish. That he had always said that when he dies that his friends should be the ones to bury him and should ‘export him’ with weed. Apparently the pastor who had been invited for the ceremony was chased cruelly by the dead man’s friends. That he had peacefully led the service but when it was time to bury him and give his last prayers they told him his work was done and the gang should take over. So they conflicted for a few minutes and you can guess who won between the gang and the family members. Send your hot story or video to

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