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What are you still doing with your ex’s number?



Not all relationships work. As much as you were once in love, it reaches a time when you have to let go. Letting go because you love them too much or you hate them. So what happens to their phone numbers? Do you delete it, or it’s already in your head. Here are some of the reasons people have their exes phone number.

To stalk them online; although it’s over between you two, you still want to see what they are up to. To look at the places they went, who they are dating, if they are missing you.

Unfinished business; You ended things but there is so much between you two, the chemistry is still there, you still have feelings for them. In this case partners keep each other’s phone numbers in hope of getting back together.

Co-parenting; That relationships may have left off springs and just because you are no longer together does not mean that you should not raise your children together.

Friendship; Not all relationships end with hatred, maybe you just didn’t get along as lovers and you were destined to be friends. Although being friends with your ex may lead to toxicity, getting back together and breaking it off frequently

Business partners; in your time together, you have started business together and although for you it’s done, the business has to go on.

Mutual friends; When you are in a relationship with someone, you do a lot of things together including making friends. You will still have to interact with those friends and therefore need their number.

        Relationships ending come with a lot of pain and its okay to delete their number. It doesn’t help to keep opening your wounds by staring at his number all the time at the speed dial. Although having their number increases the likeliness of you two getting back together which mostly ends up in disaster.

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