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What are we? A common question in relationships and how to answer it or what to expect


Has there been a point where you were asked 'what are we' or you were the one asking the question? It is safe to ask the question in the current generation, especially in the early stages of the relationship before things escalate. Although asking it too soon maybe like pressuring them, some may lie to make you happy. The question is asked mostly when people are receiving mixed feelings like today you want me as a friend then the next day as a lover.

You asked for it so don't get hurt

I believe if you do not want someone then better tell them before they waste a lot of time in the relationship when you intend to only have fun. It is not that I am against fun but you should be doing it on both terms and not on the one-sided end. When people ask the what are we question they mostly expect positive responses from whoever they are asking and when given an opposite answer to their expectation they become angry and regret asking it. Even if it is a heartbreak you will get after asking the question, better be happy that you have received it sooner than later and it was on your own terms. Imagine dating someone for five years and being unsure of what you are but because you are in love with them, you expect they would be your, marriage partners only to be disappointed.

The 'what are we' question should in fact not be necessary with mature people. This question is only asked by people who are receiving mixed signals in the relationship and that is not how to treat someone in a relationship. If you are in it then you are in and if not then leave it and if you are thinking of a compromise in the middle then it should be agreed by both sides of the relationship.


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