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Top Technology Trends For 2020


1: Artificial Intelligence; 23 million proposed jobs by the year 2020.

2: Machine Learning; Market is expected to grow to $8.81 billion by 2020. In 2017, the median salary for a machine learning engineer was $106,225.

3: Robotic Process Automation: The average RPA salary is $73,861, with the top 10 percent earning over $141,000 annually.

4: Edge Computing: by 2022 the global edge computing market is expected to reach $6.72billion.

5: Virtual Reality; There are major players in the VR market, like Google, Samsung, Oculus, and plenty of startups who are hiring.

6: Cyber Security; it is predicted that we will have 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021.

7: Blockchain; Blockchain-related jobs are the second-fastest growing category of jobs with an average yearly salary of $130,000.

8: Internet of Things; the number of IoT devices reached 8.4 billion in 2017, expected to reach 30 billion devices by 2020 and in need of 200,000 more IT workers.

9:Digitally extended realities; Encompassing virtual reality augmented reality, and mixed reality, this trend highlights the move towards creating more immersive digital experiences.

10:Natural language processing. This technology, which allows machines to understand human language, has dramatically changed how humans interact with machines, in particular giving rise to…

11Voice interfaces and chatbots. Alexa, Siri, chatbots – many of us are now quite used to communicate with machines by simply speaking or typing our request. In the future, more and more businesses will choose to interact with their customers via voice interfaces and chatbots.

12: Computer vision and facial recognition. Machines can talk, so why shouldn’t they “see” as well? This technology allows machines to visually interpret the world around them, with facial recognition being a prime example. Although we will no doubt see greater regulatory control over the use of facial recognition, this technology isn’t going anywhere.

13: Genomics and gene editing. Advances in computing and analytics have driven incredible leaps in our understanding of the human genome. Now, we’re progressing to altering the genetic structure of living organisms (for example, “correcting” DNA mutations that can lead to cancer).

14:Digital platforms. Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb are all household-name examples of digital platforms – networks that facilitate connections and exchanges between people. This trend is turning established business models on their heads, leading many traditional businesses to transition to or incorporate a platform-based model.

15: Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles. These aircraft, which are piloted either remotely or autonomously, have changed the face of military operations. But the impact doesn’t stop there – search and rescue missions, firefighting, law enforcement, and transportation will all be transformed by drone technology. Get ready for passenger drones (drone taxis), too!

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