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Three words,eight letters


       Africans have had a hard time expressing their feelings to each other. Even though they love someone they wouldn’t just tell them directly but instead use other means to express their feelings. This is because love is associated with the western nations and we don’t want to imitate their everything. Like it or not through education and media we have learnt how to tell each other ‘I love you’. How someone responds to those three words matters a lot. Here are some responses and their indications.

Thank you

They do not have the same feelings as you do for them. It is like a courtesy actually instead of them keeping quiet

Love you/love you too

The pronoun ‘I’ is very important in expressing feelings. It personalizes the feelings making them stronger and more powerful. When it’s not included it means that they are in a causal relationship with you. They love you casually.


They are excited and surprised at the same time so they are unsure what to say. In most cases they will continue to say something

I know

In most that you are in a long term relationship and you have overused the I love you/too expressions. It is mostly used by lovers to tease each other.

I love you too

They have genuine feelings for you and are unafraid of proclaiming their love. It is the most recommended response to give to your beloved.


They are in doubt of your feelings and need surety.


This may pop when you are urging and maybe you are trying to use those words to lure them back

I don’t know what I should say

They are truly tongue tied and are unsure what to say. This might happen when you are posing the words for the first time.

Good to know

They are trying to tell you they do not need your love take it elsewhere.

     Even when you have been told those words you don’t have to answer them immediately. Do not feel pressure to answer them you might mislead your partner. When asked one on one and you are unsure what to say, you can maybe hold their hands, look at them directly in their eyes or make out to dodge the response. Those words should also not be used for emotional manipulation purposes. The above responses are assumptions. In order to understand someone’s true feelings you are to understand them.

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