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Three things that disrupt personal peace


Today on this beautiful Sunday I feel like sharing with someone. I want to talk about three things that disrupt the personal peace of life.

1. Regretting yesterday’s mistakes.

Okay you messed up but does that mean that you are doomed? You have to suck it up and own up. Forgive yourself. I am ‘not encouraging you to be don’t care but just embrace your mistakes and make peace with them. This is how you will move on. Tomorrow is another day. It is only a fool who redo yesterday’s mistakes. It is better to make 100 new mistakes than redoing an old mistake 10 times.

2. Worrying too much about tomorrow’s problems.

By now you should know that there is a motion on how things happen. If it is meant to be it will be and if not…You have to loosen up and worry less. Things will take care of themselves. They always do. Just live in the moment.P.s if you go in the bank and withdraw all your savings and spend them on fun and liquor that is up to you.

3. Being ungrateful for today’s blessings.

The little things that you have and do not appreciate them are another person’s prayer. Someone else wishes to have that job that you think is less paying and tedious. Let’s learn to be grateful to what God has granted us.

Then all in all let’s remember God is the driver and we are passengers. In everything you do make sure you include God in it if you want it to succeed. Have a blessed week ahead.

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