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They are serious when they say, 'no mask no service'


    In 2020, Covid 19 hit us really hard and as part of protection, most offices were closed and when the numbers started reducing, they were reopened. One of the government offices happen to be near my building and had to make an inquiry about something. I don’t know about you but in my house, I don’t wear a mask. The office is typically one block from my building so I went but without wearing a mask. I sign the visitor’s book and go to the front office to make my inquiry. The front office told me that she can’t speak to me without wearing a mask. My inquiry needed not for me to proceed inside the office it was simply asking a question and come back another day. Frustrated, I asked the question but she told me without the mask her ears are deaf.

Rules are just rules

From frustration, it was my anger that was boiling up.

”You are telling me to wear a mask yet you are not wearing one”. I asked

 “We are not the ones who make the rules, you should go and question whoever make these laws I am just abiding by the law “She answered.

I then realized that that lady was not going to answer my question and instead of wasting time, I should go and get one. I went and took a mask and in less than three minutes I was back at the office but unfortunately, it was 1 pm. The good lady told me that it was lunch hour and I had to wait for her to take her lunch break. Government workers are so strict with their lunch breaks and I did not want to pick another bone with her, so I sat and waited (P.s she did not leave the office during the 1 pm break). When it hit 2, I stood and went to her and she asked me if I had seen her go for lunch, that her lunch was running a bit late so she has to go and get it.

This woman was just tempting me, mark you my inquiry would have been less than 2 minutes. So she leaves and comes back at 2.25 pm. Then I asked her the question and she told me that she only sees the posters and does not know what they mean, I should call the number on the poster to ask. Feeling disappointed and my time wasted. I rested my case, I went and called the number on the poster and it was the same woman’s voice on the phone.

Just wear a mask

From having to wear a mask into taking a lunch break and not giving me the response to the inquiry then why is she truly there. About 90% of the front office frustrate people who make inquiries to them but I have never understood them. I feel like if I had worn a mask I would have saved myself some time and would not have been frustrated too much. The covid pandemic is real and as much as wearing a mask may get uncomfortable, let’s just wear them to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the virus.

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