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The worst disease in history,Deadlier than Corona and Aids


      Its neither Covid 19 nor Aids. You are thinking chlamydia and syphilis but definitely not. Love addiction is the worst disease that one could ever suffer. Addiction is addiction whether is of drugs or love. I want you to look at drug addiction how it starts out as a simple thing like a hobby, it gives you fun and pleasure at the beginning, gets you where you want to but in the later stages reduces you into a disgraceful piece of shit. Love is worst because unlike drugs it’s not a substance. You are not taking anything, you are not smoking, taking liquor or sniffing cocaine. It will eat you up from the inside and you won’t notice it until it’s too late or even not notice it at all.

     Love addiction is the feeling of needing a romantic partner. Love addiction victims hop from one relationship into another or stay in a dysfunctional relationship. They seek love in an obsessive way and become needy. We have failed to take love addiction seriously that is why in most cases we won’t notice the pattern. The first step of any form of addiction is accepting the disease. When you can say it out loud ‘I am a love addict’ it’s when you can get assistance.

How do I know that am a love addict?

       People suffering from love addiction will show some tendencies like having numerous relationships. After one relationship ends they instantly get into another. A love addict is too insecure to stay single and in the new relationships they will be seeking love. This leads me into another symptom, they love someone before truly knowing them. Many poets have said love is blind and records have been played on the same but with an addict, it’s all about love for them. They will pressurize their partners into doing things that lovers do and having too much expectations such as moving in together, getting married, purchasing property together etc.

        Having a high tolerance for their partner’s problems. Love comprises of forgiving each other when you wrong each other and tolerating each other but when it’s done too much it becomes addiction. A love addict will forgive you even when you cheat on her with their best friend or their sister because they don’t want to lose you. They will avoid rejection from you at all costs which includes taking huge risks in life to please their partners.

Other symptoms include being too possessive, being unsatisfied with your partner and depression after break up

How to snap out of it.

      Take a break from relationships. It might be a hard thing to do but once you have accepted the disease and you want to heal, you will have to be tolerant. Do not be in any form of a romantic relationship until you rediscover yourself. During this time you might explore the therapy option and most important learn how to love yourself.


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