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Stereotypes on cute light skinned guys


A stereotype is a general idea of something that most people believe to be true. Stereotypes are out of lack of knowledge on the idea and fixation on little knowledge. Here are some stereotypes of cute light skinned guys.

They not single

People assume that light skinned guys are always taken. ‘He is too cute to be single’

They are players

When he says hi to you and shows interest you assume that you are just one of his targets to be added to his playlist. Women will prefer not to date you saying that ‘atakusumbua’ because you will be getting a lot of attention from lots of women and as history proves, men can’t control themselves.

They have small junks

They are assumed to have small junks. Kenyans women will deduce your junk size the moment she looks at you. Hugeness is associated with the darker guys.

They are poor in bed

Women will say that you will let them do all the work in bed, that light skinned guys get ‘tired’ easily.

They are broke and stingy

They assume that these men do not have money and the little money they have they won’t spend on you. Kenyans will go for the less appealing guys since those are believed to  be the spenders and with huge pockets.

They don’t like taking showers

These men according to Kenyan women, they don’t like getting into the bath and have strong colognes for this purpose.

They are gay

Being cute and so, most of them are assumed to be homosexuals especially those with piercings.



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