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Muthoni Wa Mukiri Emotional Message as she leaves Inooro

Muthoni has departed Inooro Tv after possibly their contract ended. Muthoni who has been a fan favorite annouced the sad news through her social media, she said with crying emojis, "Its been an amazing five years but my journey at Inooro TV has come to an end." "I want to thank you my fans, my supporters, my friends and everyone who has supprted me during that journey. I will miss you dearly. " She conitued amidst emotional tension you could see from her scripts.  She has worked with the Royal media for a couple of years and one wonders why it all of a sudden comes to a stop. Fortunately she a strong woman and does not let this finish her as she adds, "I believe when one door closes another one opens I will let you know my next destination in good time but in the meantime we still get to catch up on my Youtube channel. God belss you all and thanks for the love." It is rumored she is headed to yet another big Tv brand and that is Kameme Tv. Although its not as big as Inooro, its a good switch depening on how other matters go down. Let's know what you think on the comments.  

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