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Mulamwa set to become a land owner


Kendrick Mulamwa is set to buy his first piece of land from savings he got from comedy.

Comedian Mulamwa whose girlfriend,Carol Sonnie is expectant is a hardworking comedian from Western Kenya,Kitale and the brand ambassasor of Kenya Cane

The 28 year old urges Kenyans not to listen to critics but to work hard and most importantlly to invest.In his video he was carrying a bunch of Kenyan notes which  he saved from his creative works

"Views na likes huisha",he added the young talented comedian pointed out that views and likes are temporary and it will reach a time when someone greater will be stealing the show.He wants at that time for him,to have accomplished things in life that he will look back and be proud.

He is thankful to the supporters and wishes them to continue with the love and support.The comedian tells to the youth not to depend on the parents and the government but themselves.

Here are some of the comments from his fans.

'Thanks to Almighty God.Some artists in Kenya should follow the path...wanapiga sherehe alafu wanaishi nyumba za kupanga 100k per month'

'Congratulations.A young youth just pale kitale we are proud of you'

'You've been inspiring me since day one I made the choice in the industry.Much respect Mr.Konki liquidy.More blessings from the Almighty'


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