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During my childhood days,I used to hate others.Most of the times I stayed alone with my mother while my other siblings were at my grandparent's house.I was so close to her and got all the attention I needed as a child.As a result I never knew how to live with others and felt so much hate whenever others visited.This hate extended even to my siblings and would feel so bad whenever they came around.As I  continue to grow and have more insight on how to relate with others,I have learnt that people are important and as an individual I need others.One cannot make it alone in life.Some people are better in certain things while others are better in others.If we come together and share what we know with others and learn from them ,we become better people.Just like the American  Proverb says:"If you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go together."From this,the following are some of the ways of living in harmony witth others:

1>Always show gratitude and appreciate others .

2>Learn how to communicate with others

3>Be compassionate

4>Treat others the same way you would wish them to treat you

5>Always focus on the positive side of people around you

6>Know what you want and how to seek it from people around you

7>Always respond positively even when wronged

8>Appreciate what you have and be thankful

9>Consider others better than you to learn what you dont know












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