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The leaders of tomorrow are the youths of today. So, it is safe to say we nurture them today and expound on their full potential, dreams, goals, visions, ambitions, and talent because tomorrow is not promised.

One great musician once said, the children are our future, but in the world of today, so many things are becoming a hindrance and stumbling blocks that this future is not guaranteed and our children are the immediate victims. From exploitation, addiction to drugs, the internet, adolescents, peer pressure, early marriages, and pregnancies just to mention a few things that the youths have to battle with so as to secure a brighter future and a safe world to live in. 

All hope is not lost for these youngsters I have to say, as not everyone has thrown in the towel nor given up on them, for they need guidance even though times have passed and things are changing by the day. We all learn from one another in one way or the other. 

An initiative known as Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Induction (ASRHI), implemented by SambaSports youth agenda is one of the people who have taken it upon them to hold our youngsters' hands, educate and guide through this journey of life.
This initiative is funded by the Base Titanium LTD in Kwale county and the project has been running since 2019 to date. 

Their vision is to inspire and influence positive/healthier behavior among adolescent boys and girls by giving them opportunities to grow in a safe and secure world full of possibilities. The project is initially working with 200 youths (100 girls and 100 boys­) each influencing 2 other youths so as to meet the target of 600 youths both boys and girls, spread across 16 villages in 5 sites within Kwale county inclusive of; Ramisi, Zigira, Mkwakwani, Kombani, and Ng'ombeni. 

The main objective of this program is to train the beneficiaries on:
1. Life skills and value-based education. 

2. Changes that occur in Adolescent
3. General hygiene, menstrual health, and hygiene.
4. Drug and substance abuse awareness.
5. Skit’s expos. 

To the ambassadors and the entire support system of this initiative and agenda as a whole, they deserve to be applauded for taking now as the best time to make these advances and achieve their objectives, to ensure our future leaders have a chance to live now and scoop all the knowledge and wisdom they can get today and still enjoy their youthfulness, for now, is what births the future we speak of. 

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3unice says...

Nice...knowledge is power and exposure is might.

3unice says...

Nice...knowledge is power and exposure is might.

3unice says...

Nice...knowledge is power and exposure is might.

3unice says...

Nice...knowledge is power and exposure is might.

Nancy Wambura says...

Creating a safe and secure world to the young people by providing them with knowledge and skills to overcome the every day to day challenges they face and will face and that will hinder them from achieving their life goals, that will make them drop out of

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