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Kenyan Lengendary Rapper Khaligraph has penned down an open letter to his excellency the president Uhuru Kenyatta on behalf of the creative industry in Kenya requesting him to allow the reopening of clubs and restaurants.

In the letter, the rapper explained that creatives are going through a hard time and it will only be fair if they are allowed to go back to work with all the Covid19 precautions observed.

He added that the youths are suffering from depression in silence and that some of the artists' hit songs are also going to waste and people want to see Femi One and Mejja perform "Utawezana?" A popular club banger hit song.

Khaligraph is one of the highly classified rappers in the country and Africa as a whole and as the president is due to make a nationwide speech lets all hope that his concern for the unemployed club workers is addressed.

Several youths working in clubs and restaurants have been left jobless since the president's directive to shut down all clubs and this has been a huge blow to them and their families.

Several artists have also been subjected to this blow as they are unable to do shows, mostly they make a living out of club shows, with clubs no running, you can imagine what they are going through, some end up in depression as they are unable to keep up with the flashy lifestyles they are used to as celebs.

We have seen popular Kenyan comedians being locked out of their apartments due to accumulated rent arrears. A popular comedian who was recently interviewed in Bonga na Jalas a YouTube channel show hosted by Jalango even decided to take help to go back to school. It takes the deepest courage for one to come out in open and admit that they need help after being considered very popular. 

So as we continue to adapt to ways of coping with COVID we should also be our brother's keeper and hail Khaligraph for that act of concern.

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