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Kenyans never disappoint. The Vasha experience


Are you still in Nairobi? Did your babe leave you and was taken by a ‘Subaru guy’? Since 24th June people have been going to Naivasha which has been characterized with careless driving, girlfriend snatching and alcohol drinking. The tents have already been set up and the early birds have already arrived.

The 2021 Safari Rally motor race is happening between the 24th to 27th June which is going to be a big event. This is happening amidst the Covid pandemic, which Kenyans are taking too far with recklessness and carelessness. There are viral photos and videos online capturing Kenya them doing life threatening activities in the name of fun.

Kenyans are heading to Naivasha for different purposes other than to watch the motor race. Some ladies have left their guys so that they would be taken to Naivasha buy rich Subaru guys. The experience is only for few days but the risks Kenyans are taking is immense.

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