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Ken Mijungu lands new job at KTN just few months after sacking by NTV

Just a few months after getting himself sacked by Nation media group, Ken Mijung is back on screens yet again after signing a new deal with KTN.  As covid 19 was hitting the country hard, many businesses, firms and companies were on a firing spree and Ken Mijungu was one of the victims. Nation media group, then sacked a number of empolyees a move which did not go well with Ken Mijungu describing himself as being on the way of an axe which was cutting him down after struggling with them for 7 years.  Ken who has since confirmed the message through his social media accounts was visible happy and openly expressed himself giving credit to prayers for landing him a new job. Several celebrities already joined him including Jalango who congratulated him on an instagram post. Confidential sources claim that his official day one at KTN was December 1, 2020 but would not be joing them until a month later where he will be one of the senior news anchors. Mijungu who was fired just a few days after facing a burglary theft in his rural home where he lost many valuables including a toyota car and house curtains was a very frustrated man but for sure right now he is the happiest.
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