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Just because I have gone with you on a date means that I am into you


       Romantic dates are commonly confused and misinterpreted. In fact just because someone has accepted to be taken out by you does not mean that they are into you. They will accept your date invite and they neither like you.

      My coworker came in today with more joy in his face than I have ever seen. I had to ask him what was making his day to light up. “I think I have met the one. Imagine Stella spent the whole afternoon with me. We were to only meet for an hour but it ended up being Six!!I think she is the one. I mean how can a beautiful lady like her give me her time and we barely know each other. “He answered with delight. I had many times wanted to stop him on the way but the joy in his voice couldn’t let me. I respect him so much, he is like my big brother that is why I have to be careful with the words I say to him. “Did she tell you that she was having a good time? “I asked cautiously. “Definitely not but why do you think she spent that long time with me? “I choose silence over war. So I chose not to reply that.

   Some people just want adventure. Especially the young folks. They want to know what it feels to be taken out to a restaurant and have dinner. How walking with someone at the beach feels like. They want to know the difference between a table of two and a table of one. For these kind of people its adventure that it’s in their interest and you have nothing to do with them. You are just the ride they need to get to their destination.

   Don’t assume they are single. When you have asked someone out and she says yes, don’t start building mansions in the skies and picturing how your kids will look like. Maybe she wants a good time or adventure. This shouldn’t stop you though, get to know them, and maybe you are the prince charming that they were waiting for.

   Dates shouldn’t be paid with sex. There are some people who have automatically set their brains that after they take you out, you will go with them at home. So for that expensive dish you order, it will be paid in bed. This is especially with young men in their early twenties. It’s either you go home with them after the date or pay the bill. This is actually so ungentle and so wrong in all ways.

    Get them home safe. Even if the date has not gone up to late, get them to where they are supposed to go. If it is home or back to work. It doesn’t mean that you should drive them or order them an uber but a simple thing like walking them to the car stage matters a lot. It is one of the things that will earn you a second date.

We don’t need your pressure.

    You have taken her to heights and she fears heights. The surprise is ruined yes but do not ruin her day by pressurizing her into what she does not want. Like wanting them to have a particular drink or dish that they are not interested in. With meals and drinks, she should be the one to pick what she wants unless she has told you to order for her.


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