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Is Kamene Goro's and Jalas relationship purely professional?


       Are Jalang’oo and Kamene Goro dating? The two have been on the Kiss breakfast show and although they have denied it on numerous occasions there must be something going on. We understand the normal coworker relationship but for this duo it is more than that.Jalas has a beautiful wife and kids plus a baby mama in addition to that whereas on the other hand Kamene and Joe Muchiri recently put their relationship up in the public but truth to be told when has that stopped us?

       The two are always spending time together outside the work place which makes us wonder when do they spend time with their loved once.Kamene has bought Jalas perfume not once but twice!!Isn’t that cute? Cuteness is when they hold each other’s hands.

The way they complement each other’s way of dressing in a way that only lovers do. Talking of dressing, just look at this duo’s photos uploaded on the gram. You will find they have at least matched a colour. If it black, Jalas will be wearing a black, or jeans or perhaps shoe colour. Which makes us wonder if it’s intentional or pure coincidence. They have denied it on radio that they are not together but we follow facts and evidence.Photos:Instagram(Kamene Goro)

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