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Is Eric Omondi selling out his wife materials for money? Here is the proof


Eric Omondi has been hitting headlines at least for the better part of last month, Novermber, and this month for all the reasons of a celebrity life. From the online spat with the moral cop Ezekiel Mutua to controversy over Bytime buildings with Nairobi metropolitan services and now contention over wife materials conquest.

Wife material candidate Mwikali quits the contest

Things looked all good in Eric Omondi's camp until the controversial gospel artist, who thrives on spats with other celebrities, came up with a gimmick for the nine potential wives of Eric. He posed that if any if not all of the nine contestants dropped of the race, they could walk a way with KSH 100000 to start up a business of their choice. He further added in a video that has since gone viral that Eric was using the ladies as prostitutes thereby misleading them. Just a day after this, we all saw Mwikali one of the contestant on a video with Ringtone breaking to receive the money while promising never to go back to Eric's show. Interestingly, this has taken a different turn as well.

Could it be Eric planned all these?

Now moments after Mwikali dropped off, Eric went ahead and exposed how the events unfolded. All the time Mwikali was on her way, she kept Eric posted on each of the turn of events.

Good evening dear... Rigntone just called and set up a meet for kesho at 9pm pale opposite ridgeways mall.

Surprisingly Eric didn't have any problems but simply okayed it. 

Sawa baby make sure amekupa doh...

The suprising part is there are hiden parts of the conversation, one could ask themselves why money immediately after such information. With the lady trying to claim she doesn't know Apoko's intention whether they're genuine or not, all Eric cared for was the bag through out the conversation.

When she arrived she let Eric know via a text reading.

Nimefika but Erick nooo... Intentions clearly not good. from the hug nooo!

Despite all these worrying turn of events, all Eric cared for as the conversation was ongoing was "ensure he gives you money!" Well, we all know Eric wasn't interested in the money! Perhaps that was a way of dropping one of the contestants as we know the voting is about to happen in a well choreographed gimmick through Ringtone Apoko. Well, may be things were real or Eric was selling out the lady for money or it's all clout chasing.






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