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Is Akothe looking for a husband?


In an instagram post of a photo of Kabi carrying Milly,Madam boss says that she has been carried in the public by an aeroplane that the rest anakula tu kwa macho which translates to she is admiring them.Kabi had posted that  photo with the caption "I pray that you find someone who will always make you smile like @millywajesus does..."The mother of five cries out and asks somebody to come and carry her too."Nimechoka kufichwa kama ARV's"Could she be implying that she is an private affair?

  The No. 4 richest musician in East Africa Forbes list later teases in the same post that she is just singing lyrics for her new song but afterwards in a cry of intimacy says that the couple(the wajesus) is pressuring her with her life that they should be removed from instagram until she finds a soulmate

"Watolewe instagram mpaka nipate bwana"

Akothe wants a husband and like everthing else she has set her standards high.The billionare wants to be carried both in private and public.In another instagram post she writes a letter to her future husband

"I would be the last woman to cause you pain and discomfort, I would only wish to see you happy strong and achieving , me coming into your life should be a plus and not a minus .You can always count on me in every situation, I want a friend in you ,& a companion . The rest comes us a bonus , let me be the woman that brings you joy and get the best out of you and not the stress in you.whenever you feel lost ,come to me....."

We wish madam boss all the best in her quest to find her Mr.Right

Photos courtesy of Instagram akotheekenya kabiwajesus






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