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How to park for the first time sleepover to his place


  If you are a mature adult then sleepovers should not be new to you but the experience changes with a different partner especially the first sleepover. Most ladies get too anxious or excited and ruin the whole experience. The first time is normally the most important because of the first impression. Some ladies fake it so much until the guys notice and it becomes annoying. The guys do not love a woman who tries to impress too much. It comes out as desperation. Neither do they love a woman who does not put an effort so much.

It comes naturally.

Before we start parking for the sleepover someone might ask when it is the best time in a relationship for me to go to his place. There isn’t a precise time for a sleepover. It can be after three months, one week or seven months. Different relationships have their speeds, one month might be too soon in one and in another might be too late.

Depending on your speed, it will determine the right time. The decision should although not be rushed. Going to someone’s place is a huge step in the relationship and the ongoing kidnapping cases do not make it any easier. Accepting to go to someone’s place means that you are trusting them to take care of you through the night and even more.

Park lightly

The first sleepover should be a brief one, maybe go in the evening, wake up the following morning, and go back to your place. First-time sleepovers should not exceed three days, they make the guys be insecure. They will take you as the clingy type which is not always an attractive feature. Regardless of the days, make sure you have discussed it with your partner so that they can be prepared emotionally and physiologically. You can’t blame that guy for leaving you in the house alone and watching a football match, yet you did not discuss the number of days you will be staying over. Parking lightly means that you are only carrying clothes that you need and fit them in a small bag. Don’t go for a one night over with a huge suitcase or a backpack. It will bring out issues of insecurities in the relationship.

Personal effects.

Make sure you carry your toothbrush, your hair comb (if you have hair), your perfume, and deodorant and body oil. Letting you into their house is one thing but going to invade their personal effects is another thing. In the later stages of the relationship, when you are used to each other and have committed, you can start sharing personal effects. For hygienic purposes too, some personal effects are best unshared. Wearing his t-shirt or shirt may be what you were used at your exes place but here you are new so stay off his clothes unless he offers you to.

Make sure you go back with everything that you came with. Leaving anything even if it is as small as a hairpin will make the guy think you are clingy and wants another sleepover. Which may be okay to others but some won’t approve of it. So to be on the safe side, park everything.


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