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How to know that he is a player


Some men prefer to have more than one in a relationship. Typically, most women won’t accept sharing their men, with exception of a few that is why these men will be careful at hiding their state. Here are signs that he is a player;

Multiple phone numbers/phones.

He will have more than one phone number and will give you a separate number from the one he will give his other girl. Some of them have different phones for the same purpose.

Private social media accounts.

When you can’t see his friend list on Facebook and his posts on Instagram and Facebook then you should be alarmed. They will tell you that they are not active on social media that their accounts are inactive when you try to follow them and leave your request pending but in a real sense it’s their techniques.


You will have unplanned dates and the planned dates will be cancelled last minute. Sometimes it might be for a genuine reason but not always.

Dates on private places.

They will want you to do indoor dates because they know they might be caught in their ‘game’

New sex positions.

Exploration is okay but when you are not doing it together then there is someone else he is doing it with then he brings the styles to you.

Not calling you your name.

Everyone wants to be called beb, hunnie, sweetheart and all those couple names but you should be alarmed when he has actually never called you by name. It’s because he might call you by someone else’s name.

Not going to his place

If you do not know where he lives or if you do then he does not prefer to hang out in his place but your own then he is probably a player.

      We do not judge people by their lifestyle but it's best when you are a player to tell the other partner so that you can agree. Else it’s disrespectful to someone just for your sexual pleasure. If you are getting more than three signs from your partner then you should reevaluate. It is risky to engage in sexual relations with a player.


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