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Holy dave Muthengi,ladies most loved chef,has a food fetish


Holy Dave has a food fetish

There is nothing better than a man who cooks. It is a win win all the way, Holy Dave Muthengi posts videos of him preparing tongue watering delicacies on his gram showing his expertise.

Step by step, he gives instructions to the recipes as he cooks  and when the meal is done he takes a bite and boom ‘naskia utamu’.The phrase is innocent however the intonation is sexual related.

It is not a one-time thing, like almost in all his recipes he does the naskia utamu thing and makes sounds which cannot relate to cooking and eating food anymore. It is not by mistake, it is intentional due to the redundancy and notification on his caption. ‘Oh, be careful hapo mwisho kuna tule tu kelele’

Food fetish otherwise known as sitophilia is not a new practice, people use food for erotic arousement. The common types of food used for sitophilia are bananas, pies and cucumbers.

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