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You are not alone if you have ever wondered  what it is like to meet someone whom you have known through social media for the first time.I have an aunt who unfortunately got widowed at an early age.Luckily enough,she is a strong independent woman.Despite being strong and independent,she lacks love.As a woman ,love is somehow essential and she needs it.She happened to be friends with a man on facebook.This man had the best profile and from the profile ,the man was a highly paid national school principal.They exchanged contacts and kept communicating for a long time.A midst the communication,they expressed how they felt for each other and for sure we can say it was blind love.They planned to meet.It for sure was not going to be a  usual meeting but a well organised meeting for two highly profiled individuals.My aunt had to make prior invitations to some of her friends.As you know,"Birds of the same feathers flock together."The friends were equally highly profiled ,strong independent ladies.She booked the most expensive hotel in town,organised eveything and for sure it was a party by itself.The ladies arrived earlier and were eating and enjoying themselves waiting for the man to arrive.After waiting for sometime,my aunt received a call.As from the description,the ladies for sure had great expectations .They all looked around for an expensive car or something but there was non.My aunt still held on to the hopes that he was yet to arrive.She checked around to see who was on call.To her surprise,it was a non-maintained man who walked in sandals .For sure he did not meet her expectations.She ended the call and left the ladies without uttering a word.It was shameful indeed.It was later that she explained everything to the ladies.It was a learnt lesson.Social media deceives and you should not trust anyone you meet on social media because even thieves con people through social media.

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