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Ezekiel Mutua disgusted with Embarambamba


Could Embarambamba’s career be on the hook? The Chief Executive of the Kenya Film Classification Board is disgusted with Embarambamba. Dr.Mutua tweeted “Embarambamba that is gross you have crossed the line” in reaction to the vigorous dancer’s viral video.

In the video, Embarambamba was in a night club dancing in a very disturbing manner. Netizens are also unhappy with the kisii gospel singer. Harsh comments have been posted on his socials and are demanding the Morality police (Mutua) should take action. Some fans have empathized with him and say that Embarambamba should seek help that he is mentally ill.Embarambamba in a not so apology video defends himself saying that before netizens comment and insult him, they should look at the content of the song he was ‘dancing’“….umetoa hii ujinga ya kufanyafanya vitu ya upuzi wapi? Umesahau Mungu kwa msalaba…”

In the video on insta, the vigorous dancer is implying that he was imitating the ‘ujinga’ being sang in kisii.He says that netizens are quick to judge instead of looking at the ‘statement of the song’

Dr.Mutua is not angry that Embarambamba is a gospel singer doing secular stuff rather the video is explicit and amounts to indecent exposure. He says this in a tweet hours after Embarambamba released his ‘apology video’.

This not the first time that Ezekeiel Mutua to disapprove a video or a song infact it is in his job decription to disapprove explicit content.In your oinion what do you think should happen to Chris Embarambamba?

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