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Ego does it again for the Utawezana hit maker Femi One and the Tik Tok Queen Azzaid Nasenya


     In an interview with Massewe Japanni on Radio Jambo, Femi One came clear on her ‘beef’ with the Tik Tok queen Azzaid Nasenya.So according to her she has no bad blood with her but when presented the opportunity to talk to her she gave a hard ‘NO’ with the excuse ‘It’s in the past and she has moved on’. After  Femi’s repost of Azzaids video doing the utawezana challenge which was trolled and body shamed.Femi  DM'd Azzaid to console her because she felt guilty for putting her in the position and even made plans to meet with her for a lunch date but Azzaid was just not up for the lunch. After the failed attempt to connect neither of the two reached out to each other again

About a year ago, Femi One collaborated with Mejia on utawezana which was a game changer for Femi. The song was successful with currently at a viewer ship of 11m.Almost immediately after the song was released, a tik tok challenge followed it with many participants but Azzaid got Kenyans attention on the song.

Azzaid, who was doing other tik tok challenges before utawezana, got a tremendous amount of views and the video of her doing Femi’s Song went viral. Some people say that it was Azzaid was the one who made the song popular which brought up some mixed emotions. The utawezana hit maker said that all the participants of the challenge were important and she cannot choose her favorite although the fans have the freedom to choose their favorite.

‘She is not the cause of the popularity of the song but she played a role, she did well and people loved her challenge. She worked for it and before that she was participating in the tik tok challenges ,so whatever she was doing before led to her popping, the same as  me, whatever I was doing before utawezana,led to utawezana so everybody got what was theirs’Narrates Femi

According to Femi, Azzaid has the power to stop the beef if she set the record straight on her (Femi) reaching out.

Femi One, who is a Kaka Empire Signee, is proud of herself and her journey. She has been in the music journey for 7 years which is a long way for a female with all the haters and social media trolls.

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