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Do you eat mtura?


Mtura which translates to African sausage or African blood sausage is a delicacy loved by Kenyans which is prepared by basically blood and intestines. It is mostly prepared in the ghettos of the central region. The snack is prepared and hawked by the mtura Chefs. The price ranges depending on the region but if you have ksh.20 you enjoy the delicacy.

It is addictive

The hawkers start hawking it around 4pm till late. This is the time that people come from their various jobs, mostly hungry, supper being served at around 7pm they find it harmless to get a bite. This happens more than once and the consumers get hooked. You see a dozen of people just waiting for mtura in one station.

The preparation

Depending on the available ingredients, the recipe changes but basically it’s stuffing meat inside colons. Here is a recipe of the most common recipes


Raw fresh blood


Spring onions


Pepper (optional)




Mix fatty meat and the blood then boil till dark brown

Add salt, pepper and spring onions then cook for a few minutes (do not add oil the fat is enough)

Stuff the meat in the colons and tie the ends.

Grill the mtura till golden brown (Don’t overdo it will lose taste)



Serve while hot

You can serve it with kachumbari


Is it legal?

You are wondering this because the county government officers are always chasing them from the market. Yes it is very legal in fact it is loved in parties and gatherings where men gossip while preparing it. The issue is that hawkers do not observe health standards and in most cases make people diarrhea. Due to the increase in market, the raw materials are rare to acquire and since they want their business to run, they resort to unacceptable meat stuffing such as dog meat, cat meat and in worst case scenarios human meat.

Health risk

Given the unknown sources of these meat stuffing and the origin mtura is a major health risk. Even if the vendor took hygienic measures while preparing it, what about the slaughter house? Or is the meat even coming from a slaughter house? It is best if mtura is home cooked or you are the one preparing the mtura.

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