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Dignity is free,please have some


Boy asks a girl out on a date, girl says yes, and they go out to have some fun. After the date boy goes silent, it is not okay, but women have gotten used to it, so the girl moves on with her life. The indignity comes in when the boy sends the girl a message after seven months of not having any communication. Boy girl is getting boring let’s use pseuds, Jane and John. Having moved on with her life, Jane had already deleted John’s number, and so she naturally asks, ‘who is this.’Douchy John is like, ‘umenitupa,ata number huna.’Jane was getting impatient, so she reasks her first question and this round John tells her his name, but Jane still can’t remember him, so he calls to explain to her.

What do you want?

Having remembered him and the whole encounter, Jane asks John what he wants. John is now angry and calling Jane rude. He thinks that Jane should have tried to contact him after their date. Being respectful, Jane tries to calm him down, and he does, but then he asks her for a date. Jane is obviously not interested, and so she gives him a vague answer. “I will let you know when.” If you a person with brains them you should know that answer means that the party is not interested in what you are offering

Jane thought the matter had been sorted out, but barely an hour after the conversation, John called again, and this round he wanted Jane to meet at a hotel room in a particular room that he has already booked and he is waiting for her.

Where is the dignity?

Once you have decided that a date is a bad date and have opted to go silent to the one you had taken out, it should stay. Please don’t wait for months after that date and disturb them in their peace because their feelings are involved. Actually, just going silent after a date is a no. A bigger person would reach out and try talking things out. That way, you give closure, but it is narcissistic to ghost someone for months and reach out to them demanding a date.

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