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Diamond Platnumz's WCB is still getting benefit from Rich Mavoko's youtube account


Talented Rich Mavoko is a young ambitious who has been unstable in his music career.His time in Wasafi was glorified with fame and working with a lot of artists both in East Africa and Africa but it was short lived after he left Wasafi with a huge scandal and layed down for a while.

Before WCB,Rich Mavoko had been signed in Kaka Empire record label owned by King Kaka which ia based in Kenya.The Tanzanian bongo artist left the label peacefully then was signed in WCB owned by Diamond but left two years ago.

Rich was among the pioneers of Wasafi along with Harmonize and Rayvanny who have both left the label.Harmonize went off with a scandal,even sang disses about his former boss/patner.Rayvany is still in patnership with Diamond Platnumz,the Wasafi C.E.O.

Before wasafi,Rich Mavoko owned his youtube channel 'Rich Mavoko' which he was using for his projects and after wasafi he used the same channel for his works in wasafi.After exiting Wasafi,the record label held back his channel and demanded for him to pay an amount before he is given access to it.


Rich Mavoko declined and so Wasafi is still in control of the channel.The account has not been uploaded any content after Mavoko's exit but the benefits from it goes to WCB.Rich Mavoko moved on from that channel and decided to create another one 'Billionea Kid' which is currently at 188k subscribers.'Rich Mavoko' channel is at 291k subscribers.

Rich Mavoko still performs songs from his old youtube channel since he is the one who wrote them.Rich Mavoko believes that he is talented and a set back cant put him down that Talent wil always win.

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