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But Why??Kenyan men why


Is it just Kenyan men or its men in general? Kenyan men have some behaviors after a relationship has ended. Hurling insults to their exes after a break up. Just because the relationship is over means that you won’t need each other in future. Kenyan men forget all the good times you shared and how you have breaded each other. They forget how long it took them to woe you. So apparently all the women have big vaginas. This is Kenyan’s men personal best. They will tell you that you are a ‘mtaro’ as they like to call it and that you are a whore. If they were an ‘mtaro’ could they have stayed with you for the past three years, six months or even 10yrs? They will claim that they were only persevering because they loved you. And because they don’t want anybody else to be with you they spread lies and negative things about you.

They will even go online and leak your nudes. Some women have leaked nudes but it can’t be compared to the rate men expose women’s hiddens. When sharing those photos you were only two so why involve the whole world in your affections? ‘To teach them a lesson’. What lesson is that you are teaching? Do you know that could traumatize someone for life and be depressed? What about their career? That is how Kenyan men appreciate their former lovers.

Abandoning their children. It is only in Kenya where when parents separate their family ties expire too. Blood is blood and if by bad luck it did not work with their mother it does not mean you are to stop being a father to your children. Kenyan men have left many women with the responsibility of raising their children with the excuse “There mother refused me”

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