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Bahati is back from his break and needs other artists to take a break


Kevin Bahati,who had taken a break from social media on 28th May ‘to reflect on my life’.On his instagram, he has posted that he had taken a break to allow other artists to do their projects. He is hoping that they made good of the time and worked on their songs, albums or episodes and if not its late. Bahati says it’s his time now and the other artists should take a break. ‘The next 90 days will be mine’. So just wondering, so other artists should take a break for 3months to let Bahati reign? Bahati, who has been 7years in the music industry wants to make an album on the same. According to him, 7 years has taught him what he needs to know and he is kind enough to want to teach other artists. He tells fans to tell other musicians to get note books and pens, he is about to teach them how to make all hits album. The only details he has communicated on what the album will entail is that it will commemorate his 7yrs in the music industry. Shall it be Secular or gospel? Will he feature ‘artists on a break? ‘Wait and see.

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