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A hand manual to dates


Don’t go crying that all men are savages when in fact you are the one who is quick to jump in relationships before studying the man you are walking that road with. This article is going to give you tips on what you should look at when getting to know him. Before your mind tells you to fall in love with him consider the following;


At what time does he show up? Was it too early or too late? If he was late does he give you a reason or an excuse? On your hand, were you the one who arrived late, what was his reaction? How he reacts should tell you if he is a keeper or you should keep searching.


Did you get a say on where you will go or he chose a place that he saw fit for both of you. This is still new so he can’t say that he wanted to surprise you. Surprise venues will come later if that relationship is to work. Decision making is very important and should be from both sides. Consult with the lady on the venue especially if you are a woman empowerer.

The attendants.

If he is being mean to the attendants and being nice to you then better walk away girl. It is just a matter of time before he breaks your heart. How he approaches the waitresses to the gate keep should tell you more about him. Imagine him cancelling the order when the chef is half way through cooking. It is the same way he will leave you on the altar on your wedding day.

 First impressions are very essential. They will make you know whether you are going for another date or that was it. Men are evolving too, since they know that you will on the lookout, they will try so much to please you on the first few dates fooling you by their charms. Relationships are difficult and before getting into one, just ensure that you have known that person.


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