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9 rules friends with benefits should observe.


There is that time in your life when you don't need a relationship but need your sex life to be active. In a time like this, you can have an agreement with your friend to have casual sex thus friends with benefits. These kinds of relationships exist but they do not function as they are supposed to and one person ends up being hurt. Here are the rules friends with benefits should observe; 

1.Friendship should be kept

Before the relationship, you were friends so there isn't a reason why sex should ruin that. Someone agreeing to be in such kind of entanglement with you means that they trust and care about you. 

2.Use protection

Protection should be used to prevent a pregnancy from such kind of situation and also from sexually transmitted infections. 

3.See other people

Regardless of whether it is a question of commitment or being emotionally unavailable, you should both see other people to keep your options open because a FWB relationship is temporary .

4.Feelings means its over

As soon as one of you starts to have feelings for the other then that arrangement should be terminated. At the beginning of the relationship both of you had agreed to have an emotionless relationship ,so having any means that it is not working. 

5.Should have an expiration date

A FWB must have a time limit like for example a period of 3months or 4weeks depending on what you have agreed on. When it is over and you still need to continue then you can set another date. The date is to make sure that all the rules are being followed and none of them is being broken

6.Sleepovers are for couples

Sleepovers come with a commitment and the nature of FWB is non committing. The moment you start to have sleepovers it is the moment the relationship will start to crumble bit by bit until it is over. 

7.Do not leave anything at their place

Whether intentional or non-intentional, nothing should be left behind. Be it a charger, a court or even jewellery


8.Secrecy is the key

Even if you share common friends do not share with them what is happening. It means that you will be committing. 

9.No cuddling

Yes! As much as you may feel compelled to spoon each other after sex, you shouldn't do it. 

FWB can lead to real relationships but that is not always the case. When you get into a such kind of relationship then stick to the rules. The major thing is that you should enjoy each other and explore a lot in the time that you are in the relationship. 


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