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5 Healthcare Tech Trends To Watch In 2020


1:5G will provide faster network speeds but many questions remain; 5g has the potential to transform healthcare delivery by boosting speed and capacity while reducing latency.

It will also facilitate faster downloads and communication on mobile devices and tablets used in healthcare settings.

However, 5G is only available in a handful of markets, it has also been criticized for its shorter range prompting concerns about potential health effects, bringing about the confusion around what constitutes its coverage and which devices can support it.

2:Virtual Reality Will Play a Greater Role In Patient Care; the technology most assumed to be purely for gamers is finding a role in healthcare.

Vivid imagery provided via headsets is being used in hospitals as a mode of distraction as a way to avoid or lessen the use of pain medication.

VR can also be used by offering "fly-through tours" of a tumor to explain treatment to patients.

VR helps surgeons visualize potential obstacles before complex surgeries. There is a lot of promise for clinicians using virtual reality to improve procedural intervention.

3:Wearables Will Bring Deep Data Insights and Challenges; wearables such as smart shirts and watches that can record health data and produce predictive capacities. Apple watch can identify signs of atrial fibrillation among other things.

4:Artificial Intelligence; patients are able to take better control of their own care using chatbots for quick help with minor ailments.

It can also be used to develop algorithms that help oncologists offer deep insights on biopsy reads.

5:Telehealth will widen Its Reach And Scope of Services; telehealth coverage for medicare advantage enrollees expands, for instance, a senior citizen recovering in post-acute care, for example, could receive an on-camera consultation without the physical and financial toll of travel.

The use of telehealth is crucial for people in rural or underserved areas who require the care of specialists.

Salma commentšŸ˜Œ says...

Great piece of work

Salma commentšŸ˜Œ says...

Great piece of work

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