Why Cartoon Hates Santos

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Analysis of Why Cartoon Hates Santos

Ever wondered why some people just cannot stand each other while living in society? Well so many factors arise; different living standards, social class, occupation, money, possession, just to name but a few. Life in the ghetto, or a community living in one environment, where they share most of the amenities; electricity, water, bathroom, toilet, well this rings a bell to most of us right. these things may cause some misunderstanding, for what one sees as important may be hindering the other to achieve what is important to them. these misunderstandings, end up breaking the neighborly bond, hence hatred. Santos comes from work, and as usual, has to freshen up, but this hinders his neighbor, cartoon from watching the news. It is funny, how things take a turn of events, especially when people have a different mindset and differences in understanding. A simple misunderstanding may cause a lot of harm than good.  

This comedy by Cartoon Comedian was released on 23rd September 2021

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