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Sean Mmg
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  • Real name: Sean Magima Mwaniki
  • Stage name: Sean Mmg with a networth of KES 0.20million
  • Date of birth: 11th April 2003
  • Sean Mmg Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sean Mmg's Age: 20 years old as of Dec 2023
  • Social Media: Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Tiktok
  • Website:
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: Kenya and Tribe/Birth place is Mijikenda Tribe
  • Education: Graduate and Career/Profession is Musician/song writer/Rapper
Sean Mmg's Biography in Summary

Sean MMG, born Sean Magima Mwaniki on November 4, 2003, is a multi-talented artist, social media influencer, dancer, choreographer, and vlogger.

Sean rose to prominence after being discovered by Dance 98, a dance academy founded by Kenyan entrepreneur and dancer Tileh Pacbro. He entered the music industry as an artist in 2023, releasing his first song "Mi Amor," followed by "Maji," "Shera," and "Cocolito."

He has gained fame, wealth, and influence at a young age. Many dancers consider him to be one of their favorites.

Sean MMG was previously featured in several music videos, including "Kishash" by Lil Maina, "Kamkora" by Cartoon Comedian, and "Sijanona" by Exray ft Mejja & Odi wa Murang'a.

Sean MMG Records

Sean MMG made his music debut in 2023 with "Mi Amor," a song featuring Tila. Fans responded positively to him, prompting Sean MMG to release his second single, "Maji," featuring Jimmy Conrows, a member of the 411 music crew.

Following the success of his first two releases, Sean went on to release "Shera" with Kenyan artist Fathermoh and Rico Gang, which went viral. "Cocolito" is his most recent release.

Sean's Girlfriend in MMG

Tonia (_.iamtonia) is Sean MMG's girlfriend. They started dating a long time ago, and their parents are aware of it. Sean MMG claims that his girlfriend respects him and wishes to marry him in the future.


Sean MMG's age is

Sean MMG is 20 years old years old and is still in high school, despite being homeschooled. In 2021, he celebrated his 18th birthday. You can see how Sean celebrated his birthday in this video.

Sean MMG is not an artist, but he has many YouTube video tutorials teaching other dancers how to dance to a song. Because he is a choreographer, expect dance choreography for a new song. He is also an influencer, so he may have an impact on how a new song is received. Most dance choreographers are occasionally well-paid to influence the success of a song. Sean MMG, a dancer, makes money in this way. 

Sean is also called upon to entertain and come up with a dance theme for a song when an artist has a show or a new music video coming up.

MMG Sean's Brother

Sean MMG's brother is known as Social Influencer. In an interview with Commentator 254, the social influencer reveals a lot about himself, his family, and his journey as an influencer or celebrity. View the video here.

Sean MMG's sibling

Sean MMG's sister's name is Elizar, and Elizar is always smiling. Many people question whether Elizar is Sean MMG's brother because of their similar skin tone, but the truth is that Elizar is Sean MMG's sister.

Parents of Sean MMG

Sean currently resides in Rongai with his parents. There are few details about his extended family. 

But Sean is fine with flaunting his family on social media, whereas many celebrities prefer to keep their personal and family lives private for obvious reasons.

Sean MMG's net worth is unknown.

Sean MMG's net worth is estimated to be between Ksh. 200K and Ksh. 2 Million. Sean owns a small car worth 1.2 million dollars and plans to purchase a new Mercedes Benz. Sean MMG makes money through shows, dance classes, and other ventures.

Sean MMG Contact Information

Sean MMG's phone number is +254746***116, and his email address is mwanikisean** For more information, you can reach out to him on Instagram, where his direct message is always open.


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