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Muthee Kiengei

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  • Real name: Benson Gathungu Kamua
  • Stage name: Muthee Kiengei with a networth of KES 12 million
  • Date of birth: 1st January 1980
  • Muthee Kiengei Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Muthee Kiengei's Age: 43 years old as of Oct 2023
  • Social Media: Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Tiktok
  • Website: https://homekazi.co.ke/celebs/bio/mutheekiengei
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: Kenya and Tribe/Birth place is Kikuyu Tribe
  • Education: Graduate - and Career/Profession is Journalist
Muthee Kiengei's Biography in Summary

Muthee Kiengei, alias Guka wa Nairobi, is one of the country's most sought-after MCees. His real name is Benson Gathungu Kamau, and he is better known on the air as Muthee Kiengei alias Guka wa Nairobi. He has recently become the talk of the town due to his morning show call pranks at Kameme FM, in which he randomly calls Kameme FM rotary winners while pretending to be someone else on air. His fans have been filming the pranks and sharing them on all social media platforms, which has increased his popularity.

Benson Gathungu Kamua is a Kenyan comedian, morning show host, and ordained pastor. He's a cheerful guy who cracks witty jokes during his show. Many people recognize him for his strikingly elegant appearance and witty tongue.  Many were surprised by his decision to become a man of God, but he insisted that he was ready to serve the Lord and that it was not a joke.


Muthee Kiengei, alias Guka wa Nairobi, rose to prominence in 2006 after joining street comedy in Nakuru and appearing in a couple of Kikuyu films.

He later worked for Media Max Ltd's Kikuyu radio station, Kameme FM, which is closely associated with the Kenyatta family.

He has been co-hosting the morning show at Kameme FM with Gatonye wa Mbugua for as long as he can remember. The Arahuka morning show is one of the most popular on Kikuyu radio stations in the country.

Muthee Kiengei is also the founder of Kiengei Live, an entertainment and events company with headquarters on Nairobi's Eastern Bypass. The company specializes in public address systems, event logistics, and live coverage.

Kiengei is also a veteran Emcee who has recently been embroiled in a slew of controversies after making his Emceeing rate card public. 

Despite his high charges, he is still one of the most sought-after Emcees in the country.

Church Activities

Muthee Kiengei, known for his comics, took a detour a few years ago and enrolled in theology school, where he was ordained as a priest of the African Independent Pentecostal Churches of Africa and assigned to Gatundu Township Headquarters.

Pastor Ben left in early 2023 after serving for a while and established Jesus Compassion Ministries along the Eastern Bypass. He has amassed a sizable congregation in just a few weeks.

Pastor Ben has stated on several occasions that his church is for everyone and that the less fortunate should always visit his church for a packet of Unga.

Life in the Family

Muthee Kiengei wa Watoria is an elder and a respectable family man.  He previously married radio presenter Kezeiah Kariuki, but the two divorced due to irreconcilable differences. They have, however, been co-parenting their child.

Muthee Kiengei eventually married his now-beautiful wife Joyceline Ngaru.


Kiengei married his first wife, Keziah Kariuki, in a church wedding, but the couple separated over time. Keziah also works as a presenter for a vernacular station, and in a previous interview, she revealed how her husband's marriage to another woman deeply hurt her, despite her efforts to conceal it.

Kiengei, on the other hand, believed that over time, they began to repel each other. He also stated that they both needed to move on with their lives and that their child will be surrounded by both maternal and paternal love.


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