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  • Real name: Eunice Wanjiru Njoki
  • Stage name: Mammito
  • Date of birth: 18th September 1993
  • Mammito's Age: 28 years
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  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: Kenyan
Mammito's Biography in Summary

Education and Early Life

Eunice Mammito Njoki famously known as Mammito was born in 18th September in 1993 in Kibera where she was raised by a single mum,Nancy Njoki.She does not know the whereabouts of her father which has made her to have mixed feelings about.As a young girl,she wanted to know who her father was but then again it would be betryal to her mother since her mother filled up the gap and did not feel the need of having a father.Her grandmother too helped raise her.Mammito went to Laini Saba primary school in Kibera from there she went to Gatero girls secondary in Nyahururu but did not complete her secondary education there because of school fees.She completed it in a day school in Kibera,Silanga mixed secondary then went ahead to Mount Kenya University, Thika where she studied CoMmunity Development.

The Churchil Show and comedy.

Mammito's talent was discovered at a young age where she would entertain her friends and the hood in Kibera but it was until in MKU that she started doing stand up comedy.She made several attempts to join churchil but they were rejected but she did not give up until she was accepted and from there her career blossomed.She grew career wise through Churchil and the team and then began a youtube channel where she would make short comic clips alongside other comedians and actors.Her mother and family supports her and are proud of her achievements.

Challenges in career

Growing up,Mammito did not have much,her circle was small which may have limited  her mind but as she went in the celebrity scene she got exposure and even got to travel across Africa because of her talent which brings us to the next challange.She was used to her jokes being in ;Kiswahili but when she did her tour she had to use English so she had to be translating the language and translation changes the intended meaning.

Mammito and Eddie Butita

Mammito and Eddie who is also a comedian met in Churchil and it is not even sure when they started dating but they are together.The couple likes keeping their dating life private.They work together in producing and script writing.



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